Welcome to 2020 KNOS-Winter Workshop!!

Korean Nano Optical Society - Winter Workshop

Korean Nano Optical Society was formed, in 2004, in conjunction with Korea's successful hosting of the Near Field Optics Conference (NFO 2004). Its co-founders are professor Wonho Jhe and Dr. Yung Doug Suh. In addition to hosting NFO 2004, KNOS has hosted a series of winter nano optics workshop at Muju resort, from the year 2005 up until now.

While we plan to continue to hold the winter workshop at the same locations, in 2009 KNOS joined the Nano-Korea event annually held in the last week of August near Seoul. Nano Korea is a world-renowned conference series that strives to bring together diverse nano technology communities together, to find common grounds and seek commercialization of nanotechnology. As part of the Nano-Korea, we launched a new international conference on nano optics: KNOS 2009 (KNOS2009).

The scope of this conference is interaction between nano optics with adjacent fields of research such as Raman scattering (nano-Raman), terahertz spectroscopy (terahertz-nano), photonic crystal, fluorescence spectroscopy (nano-PL), etc.

Dear Colleagues,

We cordially invite you to submit papers to the 2020 Korean Nano Optical Society - Winter Workshop. 2020 KNOS-Winter Workshop will be held during February 26~28, 2020 in Muju Resort, Muju-Kun, Jeonbuk, the republic of Korea. We will do our best to make 2020 KNOS-Winter Workshop be an outstanding venue of nano optics as a part of the broadly defined nanotechnology, interacting with other areas of research. We expect many invited speakers in the area of nano-Raman scattering, as well as other exciting areas of broadly defined nano optics including plasmonics, photonic crystal, nano-PL, etc. Also we hope you enjoy the Korean food and some evening activities.

Dear colleagues! We hope you do not miss the special experiences of 2020 KNOS-Winter Workshop in Muju-Kun, Jeonbuk, Korea. We welcome all of you and hope to see you at Muju Resort, February 26~28 (Wednesday-Friday)!

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